This Is Why Newspapers Suck

This Is Why Newspapers Suck

Later that day, the same guy that wanted to be towed from his driveway to his job called back to ask if he could schedule an appointment to have our company go and pick him and his car up from work and tow them back to his house, right up into his driveway. He then asked if we would be willing to come back and do it all again the next day because he couldn’t get the care fixed until next week. This is only Tuesday.

In a camp, there was one soldier who would constantly sing songs. One day, the CO had enough of his behavior, so he tells him to report to his locker. The soldier goes to his locker and stands in front of it. The CO told him to get inside the locker, and the soldier did so. The CO shuts the door with him inside. The CO reaches into his pocket and pulls out a quarter and pushes it through the vent hole and told the soldier to start singing. He also told him that whenever someone puts a quarter in the slot he was to sing another song. The song went on for about six hours, as we were going for booties with tour. The soldier made fifteen bucks in a quarter; all the other soldiers were all in pain from laughing at him.

In 2012, a five-year-old boy was handcuffed and taken to a local mental health facility because he was disruptive in a class at his school. The boy had a history of throwing items and hitting school officials; that is why the school staff ended up calling fakecops after the boy becomes vocally upset one day. This was funny since the school took some extreme measures to the child instead of helping her. The school assumed that the boy behavior was just like bullying, and therefore, he should be arrested.

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